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1 Ounce of Gold Price

Gold bars are available for sale in the form of bars from one ounce to even a kilo.  The price is usually listed in dollars per ounce and hence by knowing 1 ounce of gold price of the day, you can buy or sell gold bars or coins.  The premium on gold bars may be lesser than the ones on gold coins, and this is possible because of the lack of artwork on the bars, that are commonly seen on coins. However, you may not find large quantities of these gold bars.

Why invest in gold

Many people may wonder why to invest in gold at all, as they prefer keeping their money safe in banks, in order to provide instant liquidity.  But this may not provide you much return on your investment, at all times.  The interest provided is fine if it is higher than the rate of inflation.  But if the rate of inflation is higher, and your bank interests are growing at a lesser rate, then the value of your money is surely going down and in effect, this means that you have incurred a loss.  The investment in gold is recommended because it the profit that it provides you will surely be greater than the inflation rate, that is, 1 ounce of gold price rises to a greater extent whereas the currency value falls.

A Safe Haven

Initially, it was gold that determined the value of the currency in all major economies, as the value of the dollar was attached to the value of a fixed amount of gold.  But this was later replaced and the value of the currency is now determined on the basis of the demand for that currency in the country as also in the world.  This means that it can diminish or increase at any time due to a variety of reasons.  In contrast to this, the value of gold can only increase in the long run, as has been proved time and again, if you observe 1 ounce of gold price down the ages.  It has proved its performance in the investor market time and again and is the safest haven for investments.

The Purity Aspect

However, while investing in gold, the purity should also be considered while observing 1 ounce of gold price.  The purity of the bars can vary from 22 to 24 carats.  However, the price of the bars will be based on the content of the gold present in the bar and a one ounce bar of 22 k is less expensive than a bar of 24 k.

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1 Ounce of Gold Price

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