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How Much Does an Ounce of Gold Cost

Knowing the price of gold

In order to know how much does an ounce of gold cost, you can view the spot price as well as the history of the prices for any period on various websites that provide them on a live basis.  After checking out the prices, you can invest safely in coins or bars, or in other forms of speculation, which involves investment in paper gold, and not in physical gold.

Among the various coins, there are both legal tender and numismatic coins.  The latter may have a higher premium on it, due to its rarity and antique value, which is preferred by collectors.  You can buy the American Gold Eagle, but this will also contain some alloy of copper or silver, to make it stronger. This is the official coin of the country and you can identify this coin as it has the Lady Liberty on one side and the reverse side has an eagle with an olive branch.  There are various denominations of this coin, such as $5, $10, $25 and also $50.  A proof version is also produced by the Mint in the US.

The American Eagle Coins

The American eagle coins are 22 karat gold is readily available and you can be guaranteed about their quality of the gold.  As this coin is recognized throughout the world by all retailers and dealers, you can buy and sell them with ease, thus providing you full liquidity.  Since it has the backing of the United States Government, it is accepted in all major markets.  The investor can also easily track its value by noting how much does an ounce of gold cost. The price of the American eagle coins will have a small premium above the current price of the coin on that day. This premium is for covering the distribution cost.  Major dealers and brokerage agents can offer you these coins, and you can also buy them from the authorized banks.

Investing in Accredited Coins

In today’s world of flat currencies, you never know when a currency might get devalued, and hence buying gold coins of this quality is the best solution.  Bullion coins can always protect your wealth and give you the best purchasing power, and they are also universally recognized.  The convenient method is to invest in coins, such as the South African Krugerrand, The Chinese Gold Panda, The Brittania and some other creditable ones.

With gold prices steadily increasing throughout the ages, there is no time like the present to invest in gold.  The price depends on the dollar and also a host of other factors.  The supply and demand for the precious metal, as well as the economic condition of the world have a lot of impact on how much does an ounce of gold cost.

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How Much Does an Ounce of Gold Cost

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