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How Much is a Ounce of Gold

Gold is measured in troy ounce, ounce, and grams and so on and you can find how much is a ounce of gold worth at various websites which give you constant updates on the price, on a minute-to-minute basis.  Seeing this, you can decide upon the different forms of investment in this precious metal.  If you buy gold coins or bars, you need to protect them and keep it in a home safe or a bank safety deposit.  When you wish to sell it, you have to find the proper dealer, after verifying the price.

How to Buy Coins

When buying bars or coins, after ascertaining how much is a ounce of gold, you could settle for smaller denominations, as it is easier to dispose off, when you want to sell it.  In this case, it is better to choose 10 one-ounce coins rather than a single 10-ounce bar.  These coins are issued by government mints and therefore less likely to be counterfeit and you can also see the mint seal on the coin.  There is a difference between gold bullion coins and numismatic coins.  The latter are favored by collectors for their antique value or maybe they belong to a special and rare edition, which is not available in plenty.  If you are buying coins for investment purposes, it would be advisable not to go in for these collectible coins, as the premium on them will also be higher.  These numismatic coins will be a little more difficult to sell, because the potential buyers are limited to collectors.

Gold bar Denominations

You can also opt for solid gold bars, which are available in all sizes and weights. You can buy an ounce bar and know how much is a ounce of gold, which is almost like a wafer, or you can even go up to the one kilo bar.  There are many manufacturers of these gold bars, such as The Perth Mint, PAMP and Johnson Matthey Group and many others.  But in case of buying these bars, you should verify and buy from accredited sources or reputable dealers.

Purity of gold

Other aspects to note when buying gold bullion are the fineness and purity of the coin or bar.  If it is a 24 karat gold, then it is totally pure, whereas anything less, such as 999 parts per thousand, means that it has some alloy mixed in it.  For instance, if the piece is 18k gold, then it has only 750 parts pure in and 250 parts of it are some other alloy.  However, in this case, the price will also be less and this will give you an idea of how much is a ounce of gold worth.

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How Much is a Ounce of Gold

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