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How much is an Ounce of Gold Worth

Why invest in gold

The spot price of gold keeps varying on a daily basis and hence if you wish to know how much is an ounce of gold worth, you can see various websites where the price is mentioned in dollars and other currencies.  Gold has always been considered the safest form of investment, and it is wise to hold on to your gold assets, as it is the only true money, which retains its value, no matter what the economic situation.  Gold remains the most valuable wealth in times of economic boom as also during the worst kind of recession.

How much is an ounce of gold worth is quoted in all the websites at every hour of the day, but it has been around for so many years used in the form of jewelry and also as an exchange medium for preserving assets.  Though it may drop temporarily from time to time, it always worth more than holding on to any currency.  Currencies, inflations, recession, stocks, shares, futures may all come and go but gold persist and remains the most stable of all investments.

Increasing value of gold

The time to buy gold is now and the time to sell gold is never, unless one is badly in need of liquidity.  The gold price fluctuates continuously, as it is dependent on a lot of market forces and the economic conditions.  In times of financial stress, people may look for alternatives to invest their money in, such as gold and silver. Hence the price moves up due to an increased demand.  How much is an ounce of gold worth actually is actually a representation of the people’s mood.  The purchasing power of a currency goes down over the years, but not the purchasing power of gold.  An ounce of gold can still purchase what it could many years back, and more.

Buying with minimum premium

The history of gold prices shows that it has always been on an upward trend and it looks to remain the same.  You can buy gold retail or wholesale from mints, and dealers, as also at various reliable online shops.  The investor must be careful to buy gold with the minimum amount of premium above the spot price.  You can easily buy and store gold coins and sell them anywhere in the world.  If you buy very small coins, the premium can be much higher and might take a longer time for you to get your value for the gold.  You need to pay a smaller premium in case of bigger coins or bars.

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How much is an Ounce of Gold Worth

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