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How much is One Ounce of Gold

Safety in Coins

If you find out how is one ounce of gold, you will surely realize that it is worth investing in today’s world of financial instability. You can invest in modern bullion products or even in certified gold coins that have numismatic value and are rare. Investing in this way allows you physical ownership of the gold and you need to store it securely in a safe deposit box.  You can buy coins which range from 1/10 of an ounce to 1 ounce and you even have coins that weigh 1/20 of an ounce with a maximum of a 1 kilogram bar. You can purchase the coins and bars from government mints or some prominent private companies.  The premium on such coins is comparatively low and hence it is very close to the spot price of gold in the market.

Numismatic Coin Investment

Other options are the certified rare coins, which can be used as a long-term investment.  These coins are provided with a certificate which is provided in a tamper-proof package.  You can thus have a permanent record of the value of the coin and other details.  There are many authorized dealers who sell these and even buy them back.  It is worth a lot to collectors, but these numismatic coins will have a higher premium and the amount of premium will depend on the investors.

Once having bought coins, you need to make the proper decisions based on how much is one ounce of gold. Analyzing price patterns and trying to identify the future trends will be a great help in making profits on your investment.  The investor needs to buy when the price is at a low level or when it has fallen and sell when it rises to its previous level.  Sometimes, the prices peak and then start falling, and hence the investor can wait till the original peak is reached again.  Many websites provide the month’s average price, which gives a good idea for calculating trends.

When should you buy gold?

Buying at the right time is also very important.  Investing in gold will provide you with a kind of insurance against the financial system.  If the economy is in a problem, then the prices of gold will increase.  When the economy starts resurging, the prices are likely to fall.  This can be taken as a thumb rule, though there might be other factors that might topple the scale.  It is better to find out how much is one ounce of gold and then buy it at a temporary low point.

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How much is One Ounce of Gold

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