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What does an Ounce of Gold look like?

Natural Shape of gold nuggets

There are a variety of coins and bars of gold available for sale with different seals on them.  Gold in its natural form is in the form of nuggets.  Gold is usually measured in troy ounces, which is different from an ounce.  A troy ounce has more grams in it than an ounce. So if you are wondering what does an ounce of gold look like, then it could be oddly shaped in its natural form, or it could be round in the form of coins or any other shape in its bar form.  Larger bars are known as ingots and the small bars are usually made by using rolled gold sheets and them stamping and minting them.

Standard Gold Bars

If you are considering the standard gold bar that is kept by banks, then it is in the form of bars which are of 400 troy ounces or about 438.9 ounces.  In case of trading and investment, there is also the kilo bar which is of 1000 grams.  Many investors prefer to invest in such higher denominations, as the premium above the spot price is less on these.  This makes it the ideal purchase for banks and dealers.  They are shaped like a brick but some of them are also of the flat type.

Types of Manufacturing

To know what does an ounce of gold look like, you must know the various types of gold, such as the cast or the minted method of manufacturing. Molten gold is poured into a mold to give the particular shape in case of cast bars.  On the other hand, gold blanks are cut to the required sizes from a flat gold piece, in case of minted bars and are marked by presses.  The ounce of gold bar is made in this way.  Banks and bullion dealers have the 400 oz bar, but the actual gold content in it may be a little less or more.  This gold bar must have a purity of 99.5% gold.

In case you need to know what does an ounce of gold  look like, there is the 1 ounce gold American Eagle coin, the 1 ounce Philharmonic Orchestra coin and the Canadian maple leaf coins.  These are rare coins minted in the US and by the Royal Canadian mints. The government guarantees the quality and value of these coins, and they are therefore the safest investment.  These coins are made of purity 22k and they retain their shape, as they are dent proof and also cannot be scratched.  There are sizes smaller than the one ounce also which are available for the small investor.  You can purchase ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, or 1/10 ounce coins.

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What does an Ounce of Gold look like?

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