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What is an Ounce of Gold Worth?

You can know what is an ounce of gold worth at various trading websites, where they post a continuous 24/7 update on the price of gold, by the minute. The price of gold is usually mentioned in terms of troy ounce, which has more grams in it than the avoirdupois ounce. You can buy an ounce of gold or even half or quarter or one-tenth of an ounce in various coins.

The Canadian Maple Leaf coins

All coins are not equal and hence you must invest only in the best coins after noting the weights, the denominations and so on.  For instance, the Canadian Maple Leaf is a very well-known coin minted in Canada.  It is advantageous to invest in these coins as the premium over the spot price of gold is very little in this case.  You will therefore get the best quality gold at the cheapest rates.  This coin is always in demand, and hence provides the required liquidity to the investor, as he will have no problem selling it, because dealers all over the world will accept these coins.

The American Gold Eagle coins

The American Gold Eagle coin has a slightly higher premium than the Canadian Maple Leaf, but many prefer to buy these coins as the pricing is consistent.  You can buy them online at coin shops or even at banks.  They can also be quickly and easily sold, after calculating what is an ounce of gold worth, so that when the price drops, you can quit and sell to finish your transaction quickly.

South African Krugerrands

Many people also invest in the South African Krugerrands as this has a very high level of purity.  The purest gold is provided in these coins, and this makes quite an impact on investors.  The premium on these coins is slightly higher than the others, but these coins are very exclusive, and many collectors prefer them.  The UK Sovereign offers the oldest coins, which appeal to collectors of antiques.  They have a long-term value and it is bound to be genuine as it is very difficult to fake these coins.

Today, you can buy gold coins of the US dollar ranging from denominations of $1 to $.01.  They are produced in mints in the US and can be identified by their mint mark. You can find the letter of the mint, such as P for Philadelphia Mint and D for Denver mint.  Both the gold bullion coin and the bars are good investment options and are pure, but just having different shapes.  There are many sizes and weights available in the gold coins, which you can buy after verifying what is an ounce of gold worth.

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What is an Ounce of Gold Worth?

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